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What we do:

We help your startup grow better by supporting you in every step on the way e.g. by…

… developing your Strategy so you know where you are going.

…developing your Marketing strategy so your customers understands what you are about.

…developing your Sales strategy so you dont run out of money

…helping you with all sorts of production and packaging issues so your product always looks and performs its best

About us:

Kele & Co is a small agency concentrating on food trends and startups.

We are two foodies who worked for big international food companies for more than 20 years before “breaking out” as entrepreneurs.

Our experiences from the corporate world have given us an indept industry knowledge and a great network.

Setting up our own business and working with startups has given us an appreciation of your life as a startup’er.

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Phone: +45 2429 0393
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